Media from all around the world are currently test driving the new F10 5-Series in Lisboa, Portugal right now so you can begin to check out the test drive reports that are being published on an ongoing basis. The Malaysian contingent will be heading there in the first week of February so you can look out for a test drive review on this blog sometime in the first or second week. For now, we are able to get a taste of Portugal via these two videos that BMW have released, filmed at the test drive event in Portugal. They’re mostly beauty footage but they do include a little more than the initial B-roll they released, like the active cruise control feature in action. Check the videos out after the jump.

VIDEO: F10 BMW 530d at Media Drive in Lisboa, Portugal

VIDEO: F10 BMW 535i at Media Drive in Lisboa, Portugal

GALLERY: BMW 5-Series – Exterior

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GALLERY: BMW 5-Series – Interior

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GALLERY: BMW 5-Series – Production

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GALLERY: BMW 5-Series – Design

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GALLERY: BMW 5-Series – Technology

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