Peugeot’s gasoline engines are finally being updated to be matched with 6 cogs, at least for the PSA-BMW Prince engine that Peugeot uses in the 308 and various other models.

The next generation of Peugeot cars with Prince engines will get the new AT6 6-speed automatic transmission supplied by Aisin, instead of the old AL4 that you currently find in the 308 and the 206. One of the first models to get the new combo is the 308 CC, which will get a Prince 1.6 engine with 156hp, 240Nm and the 6-speed auto.

The AT6 (with Tiptronic System Porsche) can withstand a maximum torque of 300Nm, so please take that in mind when you rechip your future 6-speed Pug. This is less than the 450Nm that the AM6 transmission that the Peugeot HDi turbodiesel engines are equipped with, but that is given since the AT6 is lighter and more compact.