Some 15 per cent of road accidents in Malaysia are related to bald or regrooved tyres, according to Jabatan Keselamatan Jalan Raya (JKJR) Director General Datuk Suret Singh at a ceremony where Goodyear dealers pledged their support to the recent move the JKJR and the Ministry of Transport to ban the selling of bald and regrooved tyres in an effort to improve road safety levels in Malaysia. Regrooved tyres are produced by carving new treads into a worn tyre to create more tread depth.

The Goodyear dealers promised that such tyres are not sold, stocked or displayed in their premises. In addition, posters, banners and brochures will be placed in their outlets to educate consumers on the dangers of using these “recycled” tyres. “It is extremely dangerous to use these types of tyres. Take two minutes to check the condition of your tyres before embarking on your journey,” Datuk Suret added.

For this, Goodyear recommends the “20-sen tyre test”. Insert a 20-sen coin in the groove of a tyre to check the depth of the tread. If the word “sen” is clearly visible, then the tyre is considered “bald” and should be replaced. Alternatively, you can drop by any Goodyear Autocare or Servitekar outlet for a free 10-point check, which includes inspection of your car’s tyre pressure and wear, power steering fluid, air filter, spark plugs, engine oil, transmission fluid, radiator coolant, brake pads and fluid, battery terminal connection and water, as well as fan and air-conditioning belts.