Heard of Stefan GP? A Serbian based team named after founder Zoran Stefanovic, Stefan GP failed to gain a ticket to enter the 2010 Formula 1 season, but will still go ahead in launching its car and testing it. The car in question is actually a Toyota in disguise, as Stefan GP managed to buy the Japanese team’s chassis, gearbox and 2010 spec engine. The renamed Stefan S-01 chassis and Stefan RG-01 engine will be serviced by Toyota.

The team is unrelenting in its pursuit of an F1 slot, and has announced that it will test its car later this month in Portugal with two drivers. Despite not having an entry, Stefan GP is sending equipment to Bahrain for the 2010 F1 season opener! Now, Mr Stefanovic is either a loony or very confident that one of the new teams will fail to make the grid, allowing his team to take over the spot.

If the latter situation comes true, Stefan GP will be relatively well prepared to race – it has a potential points scoring machine in the “Toyota TF110” that never was, testing under its belt, and former Williams driver Kazuki Nakajima as one of the team’s drivers, according to an Autosport report. Another man under Stefanovic’s payroll is former McLaren chief designer Mike Coughlan, who was fired for his part in the Spygate scandal.