UPDATE: 2010 Toyota Vios facelift launched in Thailand!

UMW Toyota has put up a teaser announcing the coming launch of the facelifted Toyota Vios with the updated grille, tail lamps and etc that we saw earlier.

As expected, UMW Toyota has jacked up the prices of all models. Even the cheapest manual 1.5J has had a price hike, bringing the price now to over RM70k when previously it was priced just under RM70k. Of course, these price hikes could be accompanied with equipment list changes.

  Old Price New Price
Toyota Vios 1.5 TRD Sportivo (AT) RM90,900.00 RM92,990.00
Toyota Vios 1.5G (AT) RM85,025.00 RM87,990.00
Toyota Vios 1.5E (AT) RM79,425.00 RM81,990.00
Toyota Vios 1.5J (AT) RM73,525.00 RM76,990.00
Toyota Vios 1.5J (MT) RM69,825.00 RM71,990.00

The price hike brings the top of the range Vios extremely close to the top of the range Kia Forte 2.0 SX – there’s a price difference of only RM1,000 and the Forte is a C-segment 2.0 litre sedan with a GEMA engine similiar to the one used in the Lancer, while the Vios is a 1.5 litre B-segment. On paper, the only thing the Vios has up on the Forte is a 3-year warranty (and double mileage) versus 2-years for the Kia.