Peugeot Ion

Peugeot’s Mu ‘pay as you go’ car rental service has been in operation in France for quite some time now, and now it has landed in the UK. Basically you get a prepaid account and top it up on the Peugeot Mu website. Then you will get access to renting various Peugeot vehicles from a bicycle, a scooter, cars like the 207 CC, 308 CC, 407 Coupe, 3008, an SUV, MPV, etc or even accessories such as a roof box if you have your MPV filled to the brim for a long journey and you need additional boot space.

The whole idea is to allow easier access to vehicles in cities/countries where car ownership is expensive and a hassle. If you take the subway/bus to work or even to shop most of the time, why buy and keep a car? You might as well only rent one when you need one. Rental prices in Paris range from 65 Euro (325 Mu points or RM295) a day for a 207 CC to 215 Euro (1075 Mu points – about RM980) for a weekend in a 407 Coupe. It might seem expensive to us because we use our cars everyday so we might as well buy one and maintain it. Something like this won’t work in Malaysia. In Malaysia, you can get a Mondeo 2.3 for RM458 a day from Sime Darby Hertz Rent A Car.

The Mu program will probably play a key role to supporting the launch of the Peugeot Ion, the French company’s rebadged Mitsubishi i-MiEV which coincidentally has just been finalized this week in terms of the paperwork required. The two companies will no doubt be working closer from now on, since they have done rebadge deals for both the 4007/C-Crosser (rebadged Mitsubishi Outlander) and now the Ion (rebadged MiEV). But earlier this month they also announced that they have abandoned plans for an equity stake swap to ‘seal the bond’. A lot of people were expecting yet another French-Japanese alliance like Renault-Nissan.