Mercedes-Benz has AMG, BMW has its M and now Volkswagen’s R joins these famous names as a proper, full-fledged performance division. From now on, Volkswagen R GmbH will be responsible for sporty, performance versions of Volkswagen cars as well as R Line design packages and luxurious Volkswagen Exclusive items. VW’s current range has two full-on R cars, the Scirocco R and the Golf R, and blue seems to be the “official colour” of the brand.

The formation of Volkswagen R GmbH is VW’s response to the “increased global demand for individualised vehicles with contemporary sportiness and exclusivity”. Based in Warmenau near Wolfsburg, the division employs 350 staff. “Our vehicles contribute to the emotionalisation and growth of Volkswagen brand,” explained Ulrich Riestenpatt, General Manager of Volkswagen R GmbH.

Click here to see a video of the Golf R and Scirocco R strutting their stuff on track!