We’re trying out a new look over here and since this site would be nothing without you readers, we’d like to ask for some feedback. What do you think of the new design? We went for a 3 column layout to allow us to highlight certain content like the test drive reviews better while minimize scrolling.

There’s also a new comment feature where you can reply to a particular comment. No more copying and pasting the comment that you want to reply to. Hopefully this will result in cleaner and more meaningful conversations.

Most importantly, the new theme structure fixes a problem that the old theme had with WebKit browsers like Safari and Chrome. Please share what you think of the new layout – your feedback is very important to us!

UPDATE: OK, I’ve switched to a 2 column layout and tried my best to make it look like the old layout. Any feedback on this? I feel like a certain government, flip flop here and there!

I personally prefer 3 column but it seems I have overestimated the average monitor resolution of some readers, 3 column made the site too wide and caused left and right scrolling. How about this, is it better? Exactly the same 900 pixel width as the old layout, but with the Chrome and Safari fixes.

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