Hairpin bends behind the kitchen, cobblestones in front of dad’s pit lane, traffic-calmed noise protection zones in the living room – now you can start them young with the BMW Baby Racer II Motorsport, tailor made for budding drivers from one and a half to three years old.

This blue-white-red roadster comes with a host of features that would sound good in a Z4! First up is the sports steering wheel with tight turning circle for easy U-turns. The sporty-looking but soft seat absorbs vibrations from rough terrain. Those low profile rubber ensure good grip and a silent ride, and come with stylish multi-spoke wheels. BMW says that the standard tyres handles well on delicate parquet, and will leave no marks!

Tested by TÜV, the BMW Baby Racer II Motorsport definately looks the part with an aerodynamic front spoiler, speedometer and rev counter, making your little one look like a player in the making. For added effect, the famous blue and white propeller logos (on both ends, of course) stands out with a metallic effect.

The Baby Racer II and other less flashy models are available at