GM has revealed that the American market version of the Chevrolet Cruze will get refinement upgrades for it to be ‘good enough’ for the American consumer. “We have a different set of competitive vehicles here in North America than what exists in Europe. We needed to make a number of adjustments,” said Chuck Russell, GM’s vehicle line director for compact cars in North America.

Here are a list of the changes:

  • The windshield has been replaced with an acoustic laminated version.
  • Doors get more insulation and sealters were added to some of the door headers.
  • Airbag count tops at 10 including knee airbags and rear seat side airbags.
  • The Cruze gets a different rear suspension design – an Opel Astra-like Watt’s Z-link as opposed to the regular torsion beam suspension on the world market Cruze.

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