BYD Auto is perhaps better known here as a Chinese brand with a range that rips off other cars, but the ambitious Shenzhen based automaker is actually pretty advanced in the development of hybrids and EVs, and counts Warrern Buffet as a stake holder. We struggle to understand why BYD won’t invest in car design or hire foreign design houses like what many of its local rivals are doing. Perhaps it’s not because they aren’t capable of an original looking car, and apeing the looks of successful models could be a strategy in itself.

Here are pics of the company’s first SUV caught testing. Speculated to carry the name S6, it will have a full electronic sunroof, a sliding luggage rack and could introduce keyless entry. Power is likely to be from the same engine as the BYD M6, a Mitsubishi supplied 4G69 2.4-litre with 160 bhp and 215Nm. China Car Times also says that a 2.0-litre model self developed engine will be included in the lineup; it makes 140 bhp and 186Nm and will only be available with a manual transmission.

As for the S6’s looks, we’ll let you draw the similarities. More images after the jump.


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