Lotus has been eyeing the tag of “World’s Cleanest Sports Car” with the facelifted Elise and has clinched it with the new entry-level 1.6-litre model’s confirmed emissions figure of 149 g/km of CO2. With that, Lotus says the Elise has the lowest CO2 output for its performance level for any gasoline sportscar in the world.

The Toyota sourced 1ZR-FAE 1.6-litre engine with Valvematic and Dual VVT-I produces 134 bhp and 160 Nm and is paired to a six-speed manual gearbox. While that may seem like not much, the Elise is a featherweight at 876 kg, and performance figures of 6.5 seconds from 0-100 km/h and top speed of 200 km/h are respectable.

Compared to the old shape Elise S, this new entry model displaces 200 cc less, has one more gear ratio, emits 16% less CO2 and is over 23% more frugal. The extra cog helps in the 19.9 km/l extra urban (highway) consumption, and the Elise 1.6 has a big range of 800 km on a tank of fuel. Aerodynamics have been improved by 4% over the old shape as well.

The facelifted model gets a new headlight design which is part of a revised front fascia. There are now LED daytime running lights and LED direction indicators. At the back, the vents at the outer edge of the taillights have been removed, the bumper has been restyled and there’s also a new engine cover.

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