Pirelli has officially revealed its plans to become an official tire supplier for the Formula 1 World Championship starting from next season following Bridgestone’s departure from the sport.

The statement by Pirelli mentioned, “Pirelli communicates its decision to present a technical and commercial offer for supply of tyres to all the teams in the Formula One world championship. The company plans to present the bid to FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile) and FOA (Formula One Administration Limited) by 9 May, the date of the next Formula One Gran Prix to be held in Spain.”

It was also reported that both Michelin and Avon are also interested. However it is not certain at this point of time if the FIA will allow more than one tire supplier to be part of Formula 1 like what happened previously with Bridgestone and Michelin. Should there be only one supplier to help maintain fairness? What do you think?