Peugeot has released more images of its Hoggar light pick-up truck as we approach its mid-May launch in Brazil. Designed in Brazil for Brazil, the idea behind the Hoggar is similar to that of our Proton Arena/Jumbuck. Proton used the Wira for the Arena, and the Hoggar is based on the South American 207, which is actually a 206 with Peugeot’s “big mouth” corporate face and a new dashboard.

The Hoggar’s load capacity of up to 742 kg and the bed volume of 1,151 litres is very good for small businesses. Setting up shop in the market is made easier with a detachable tailgate that can sustain 300 kg of weight. Three trim levels will be available, and Brazilians can choose from two Flex Fuel engines – the entry-level 1.4-litre with 82 bhp and a 113 bhp 1.6-litre. The top of the range Escapade model comes with 4X4 style addenda and a tonneau cover.

We won’t get this here, but another 206 derived car – the sedan – will be launched later this year. I still see some Arenas being put to good use by night market vendors, although the idea never really caught on here. Gallery after the jump.

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