This was going to happen sooner or later – it’s a clash of the giants and we’re talking about China versus India! Word on the street is that Geely is set to target Tata Nano customers with the new Geely IG you see above.

Set to be released sometime in 2012, the Intelligent Geely (IG) will feature a 998cc 70 horsepower engine. This power is fed through the front two wheels and planted to the road via a CVT gearbox. The IG is likely to stay relatively simple compared to the concept car that you see above which is covered in photovoltaic solar cells to help recharge its batteries.

The word is that you would have to pay for about US$2,700 for the standard IG and it will be made available in China and Russia. This will leave the Nano to flourish on its own in its native market, at least for now. The Nano goes for between US$2,700 to US$3,800.

An eco-friendly electric IG has been said to be in the works as well, with a range of 149 kilometers on just pure electric after a single charge.