In conjunction with the start of European sales this month, Renault has released a huge gallery of beauty shots featuring the new Megane CC, the coupe-convertible variant of Renault’s third-generation C-segment entrant.

Launched at the Geneva show earlier this year, the new CC takes after the new family look of the Megane III, which is a bit too fussy for these eyes. And while it’s not as deliberately angular as its predecessor (which is sold in Malaysia by TC Euro Cars), the profile is familiar, which also means that the CC’s bum looks big from certain angles.

The highlight of this car, like the one before it, has got to be the folding glass roof, which is now 10% larger and is the biggest in the class. The roof opens in 21 seconds. Manufactured by Karmann, the 110 kg roof module is designed and made in Germany before being shipped to Douai, France, where the CC is put together alongside the Scenic/Grand Scenic.

Lots of work have gone into making the Megane CC’s body as stiff as possible, and the suspension compensates for the additional 160 kg weight over the hatchback. Renault says that static and dynamic torsional stiffness has been improved by 80% and 30% respectively over the previous generation Renault Megane II CC.

Petrol engines include a 110 bhp/151 Nm 1.6 (six-speed manual), a 140 bhp/195 Nm 2.0 (Nissan designed CVT) and a turbocharged 1.4 TCe engine. The latter is a properly downsized unit that combines 130 bhp, 190 Nm and combined fuel consumption of just 13.7 km/l. It’s only available with a six-speed manual.