Ford is planning to campaign a hybrid rally car in the 2013 World Rally Championship. Not only has the Blue Oval been pushing for FIA regulations to allow hybrids, they claim to already have a system that’s easy to implement in their rally cars.

“Introducing hybrid technology is something we need to look at for the future. I think we need to be looking at it for 2013. I’m not an engineer but I think there’s a degree of taking this one off the shelf at Ford. We’re not trying to re-invent the wheel here. Obviously, there’s a balance of how to make the weight work and things like that, but we need to be looking at running the car between stages and into service without the engine,” stated Gerrard Quinn, Motorsports Manager at Ford Europe.

“We haven’t put a date on it. We’re talking about possibilities. We’ve got lateral thinking going on. Hybrid is talked about and when there’s enough to work with and have a race – one hybrid car doesn’t prove anything. But if you’ve got three or four they can race and compared with the normal car. We absolutely need this, but it’s a case of doing it properly,” Morrie Chandler, WRC Commission president responded.

Citroen, defending champion and the only other manufacturer in the WRC, had tested out a C4 WRC hybrid but never sent one out to compete before.

Officially, Ford says it’s striving to run a sustainable and environmentally friendly team, and things taken into consideration include the use of sustainable materials, substance management (interior), life cycle global warming potential (CO2) and life cycle air quality potential (other emissions).