If you think that your Toyota Hilux doesn’t have the grunt that you require, you will be pleased to know that Unichip Europe has introduced a new Uni-Q upgrade. The 3.0L Hilux which has been claimed to be previously ‘unmappable’ using traditional OBD based systems will now be able to be tuned up with the new remap.

The Uni-Q upgrade enables tuners to refine and increase performance of any petrol or diesel engine. There will be a 29 bhp increase in power from 155 bhp to 184 bhp at 3500 rpm from the Hilux’s 3.0-litre engine, while torque figures jump from 344 Nm to 400 Nm from as low as 3,000rpm.

Unichip Europe has developed an off the shelf ‘U-connect wiring loom’ for customers to install themselves in a matter of minutes. The Uni-Q comes pre-programmed with the specially developed ECU map settings for the fueling and turbo boost settings, making it an almost ‘plug and play’ scenario.

A decent amount of performance is extracted from this bulky machine, thus this will be a welcome change for Hilux customers and would be even better if that specifications can be used for the 2.5 litre engines available here in Malaysia,

Look after the jump for a power chart of the upgraded engine.

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