According to certain sources, Bugatti, the luxury supercarmaker is planning to do something similar to that of sister company Audi with the E-tron. But being Bugatti and having the Veyron to live up to, they need to maintain that excessive amount of horsepower from the powertrain. Thus the power unit they’re looking at is somewhere in the range of 800 horses. Engineers will get some help from the VW Group’s repertoire of electric drive train units.

The car is supposed to have already been built but there are no plans yet to put it into production. It has also been said that the reason that the car has been built is only to showcase the technology, and hopefully will allow engineers to explore the possibilities of production of similar units.

The prototype is supposedly based on the chassis of a Bentley Continental GT and produces an amazing yet typical of an electric motor 2,200Nm of torque from just 0rpm. All this is produced from just two electric motors powered by an advanced lithium-ion battery.

As you can imagine acceleration of an electric car is already incredible, but the problem that the company seems to be facing is the discharge of the battery power after a simple bout of power. You might just have to tow the car back after hitting top speed once!

This wont be the first electric model that Bugatti has produced. Founder Ettore Bugatti built an electric Type 56 that he used to drive around his factory. Never intended for production, due to customer demand Ettore built it anyway. It would be good to see an electric hypercar in production, and hopefully by putting the word out there demand would grow among the insanely rich.