Mark Webber will be looking at a one year contract extension to his stay at Red Bull racing. The decision on the matter will be panned out soon. Webber who is the Championship leader, is close to finalising the deal after back to back wins in Spain and Monaco.

Though his collision with his team mate Sebastien Vettel doesn’t seem to have undermined his position within the team in anyway, Dr Helmut Marko had this to say to Austrian Television: “I would say it is more or less a formality that the ongoing cooperation with Webber will be finalised in the next few days.”

He went on to add that Webber’s deal is probably going to be for a year pointing out that Webber is “not a youngster”. Team principal Christian Horner has previously gone on to say that he was happy with the job Webber has been doing and he has no intention of changing that formula.