Reader Melvin spotted these three Mitsubishi Lancer GLX cars with trade plates turning out of Proton Shah Alam’s side exit (not the one facing KESAS). In any other circumstance you would think these were just regular Lancers from a Mitsubishi showroom out for a test drive and there’s probably a chance that they are, however turning out from Proton Shah Alam rings some bells. There’s really nothing to tell though from these photos, except the fact that it’s an indicator that the Proton Lancer rebadge project is still on and is probably going to be unveiled before the end of the year. Look after the jump for two more photos of the other two cars.

UPDATE: Something interesting… the cars in this story can’t be locally sourced Lancers as our Malaysian market cars sold by Mitsubishi Malaysia do not feature a keyhole on the boot as per Lancers in other overseas markets. This must be something Proton brought in from somewhere else.