The new Renault Latitude is an interesting new sedan from Renault just unveiled today, and is part of a new range of Renaults that I personally consider as slotting in between the very low end Dacias and the regular Euro Renaults such as the Megane.

The Latitude joins the previously unveiled Fluence as a series of new cars that aren’t too cheap but at the same time is able to offer the kind of things that markets outside the typical Eurozone appreciate.

The car itself is based on the latest generation Renault-Samsung SM5 that was just unveiled end of last year, much like now the Fluence was based on a smaller Renault-Samsung product. The design is a little plain but still manages to be sleek at the same time.

It’s based on the Laguna III chassis and measures 4,890mm long by 1,830 mm wide and 1,490 mm tall.

There are some equipment to suit it being a D-segment car such as bi-Xenon adaptive directional headlamps, fragrance diffuser air conditioning, triple-zone air conditioning, a driver’s seat with massage functions, premium audio from Bose, and etc, but the full specs list haven’t been released yet. The Latitude is undoubtedly a lower cost car compared to the Laguna and will go on sale in markets such as Russia, Asia, Africa, Turkey, Gulf, Australia and Mexico. An Euro version of the car will be showcased at Paris 2010.

Renault is currently a real niche player in Malaysia, mainly selling its range of fun to drive Renault Sport cars, other than the Kangoo of course. The Renault Sport cars are joined by the Koleos SUV and the Laguna Coupe but even these don’t really sell in high volume, probably because of the high prices.

Tan Chong seems like the play safe kind of company to me so I don’t expect them to try to charge into the volume market where cars like the Fluence and this new Latitude can come into action in the C-segment and D-segment respectively. Which is a pity as they look like decent cars. The Fluence is the largest car in its class, beating the Civic in wheelbase.

Look after the jump for more photos of the new Renault Latitude. Renault have yet to release any interior photos of the car as of yet but I suspect it’ll be quite close to the Samsung SM5 so I’ve added a gallery of that car as well.

GALLERY: Renault Latitude
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GALLERY: Renault Samsung SM5
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