Has Lorinser jumped the gun in unveiling what the new next generation Mercedes-Benz CLS looks like? The image above (you can click it for a larger version) is a sketch teaser that was released by the tuner this week, previewing the CLS with Lorinser styling.

Since it’s a next generation CLS with a bodykit slapped on, we don’t really know what’s changed therefore the actual CLS might have its bumper looking slightly different, and that engine hood is definitely aftermarket as it’s too aggressive for a regular Mercedes-Benz. The nice large silver arrow on the grille has been replaced by a black circle with the wording Lorinser on it.


This sketch actually looks very similar to the artist impression of the Mercedes-Benz CLS that Theophilus Chin came up with. It’s not hard to guess since the Mercedes-Benz Shooting Break Concept has pretty much given it all up in terms of how the front end looks like but we’re still in the dark on how the rear end styling will look like.

Do you like what the next generation Mercedes-Benz CLS is turning out to look like? I quite like it based on the above sketch – don’t quite like the first generation CLS because of its headlamps but these are more similar to the C-Class and CL-Class and look pretty good.