Still not fully awake? Looking at this could have the same effect as a double shot espresso! Swiss tuning company Mansory is responsible for this striking blue Porsche Panamera, which boasts power and aesthetic upgrades.

The Panamera Turbo’s 4.8-litre engine gets a 190 bhp jump from 500 bhp to make 690 bhp, while torque has been upped to 800 Nm. With this, the 4WD luxury four-door does the century sprint in four seconds and won’t stop till 328 km/h. All this power is gained from tweaked engine electronics, larger turbos and a stainless steel exhaust system. Mansory adds in turbine design 22-inch forged wheels with fat Dunlop SP SportMaxx tyres.

Outside, the new front skirt with adapted LED daytime running lights and a carbon fibre bonnet differentiate the front end. At the not so pretty back of Zuffenhausen’s limo, an enormous carbon diffuser and centrally located pipes take their place. Mansory can either tack on carbon applications to the original hydraulic rear wing or replace it with a static wing made from carbon. Aerodynamics components are made from high-strength polyurethane (PU-RIM) and Prepreg-Autoclav-Carbon, as with all Mansory kits.

The interior is customisable with all sorts of leather and wood, and one can opt for carbon, of course. We reckon not many will choose the blue and yellow scheme shown here! Gallery after the jump.

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