Michelle Branch and Timbaland’s latest song ‘Getaway’ features the newly launched MINI Countryman. Apparently the car inspired Branch to write ‘Getaway’ – “I saw the new car and I was inspired to write a song about getting away and getting out from the everyday confinements of life.  Sometimes the fix for that is taking a road trip, so I worked on an exciting project with Timbaland and he produced the track with me.”

Not so sure if that’s the real story! I personally am a fan of Michelle Branch after her short stint with The Wreckers, I’ve been wondering where on earth she has went to all this while. Nice to see her come together with the very talented Timbaland. If you watch the music video and are only interested in seeing the Countryman, you can skip to about minute 2 onwards.

Dr. Wolfgang Armbrecht, Senior Vice President MINI Brand Management, says “We are thrilled to be working with Timbaland and Michelle Branch on such a unique collaboration for the launch of MINI Countryman.  Music is important to our community members and with this car launch inspiring the words for the song ‘Getaway,’ we’re confident that we’ll capture the imagination of those who live the Urban-Country lifestyle.”

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