If you’ve ever looked at an electric car and thought “I can do better”, well now you can. The big boys at Audi have issued a challenge to budding scientists and students to create the car of tomorrow.

Prospective entrants are encouraged to send their creative concepts to Audi and must contain “the current situation, the proposed solution and a path to that solution” of the production of the aforementioned car. Out of this, eight finalists will be invited for a two day workshop at Ingolstadt. Their concept will then be presented to a jury followed by a further session in the workshop with Audi production staff.

The candidates will have another two weeks to revise their concept before Audi announces the winners in early November. The deadline for entry is on the 31st of July. It would be good to see what designs and solutions the general public can produce.

Do you have automotive designs that you think will benefit Malaysians?