This is the Bugatti Veyron Diamond Limited Edition. No, it’s not yet another special edition from the VW owned hypercar maker, but actually a miniature replica of the 1000 hp machine at a scale of 1:18. This 7kg king of scale models is made from 24 carat gold, platinum and 7.2ct single cut flawless diamonds.

The Diamond Limited Edition – crafted by Robert Gulpen of Munich and Stuart Hughes of Liverpool – will have a limited run of 3 units, and each costs two million pounds! This would be enough to buy two of the real cars, which I’m sure most of us will choose over a scale model – unless you already have the real thing!

It can’t be beaten in function by everybody’s Minichamps, so the bling Veyron comes with functioning doors, hood and steering. There will even be a detailed replica of that monstrous W16 engine when you lift its little gold plated hood. Rich or not, anyone would be able to appreciate the beauty in this design, or am I wrong?