For those of you who have been longing to watch every single bubble pop out of the champagne bottle when your favourite F1 driver celebrates at the top of the podium will have to wait longer, because F1 is not going to be shown in High Definition or fondly known as HD any time soon. This is according to F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone who confirmed that F1 will not be available in HD just yet. “As soon as the broadcasters tell me they want it, we can do it. I think next year is too soon; we’re looking at more like 2012,” F1’s ‘Godfather’ said.

This is quite a surprise as a recent Formula One Team Association or FOTA-commissioned fan survey stated that 70 per cent of fans would like to see every second of the track drama in HD. Privileged members of the media were also given a demonstration of F1 broadcast in both HD and 3D recently. The footage was captured using a Lotus F1 car carrying a special 3D camera during a practice session at the Canadian GP. We tried to look for this video all over the internet but couldn’t find anything.

HD broadcast is taking the world by storm as it makes Standard Definition or SD look like it is centuries old. HD offers a much higher resolution display compared to SD and almost every major sporting event at the moment is already available in that format. It would be a reward to fans if they have this for F1. Of course to enjoy HD one must have a HD-compliant television set along with a HD broadcaster and relevant accessories. In Malaysia, we have plenty of HD TVs and we also have access to HD content in the form of either BluRay discs or Astro B.yond.