Ever thought that the cute Mitsubishi i-MiEV needed to be redesigned by people as eccentric as the creators of the Orochi? Well, if for some reason you have such thoughts you’ll be pleased to know that they have.

Mitsuoka, which have typically developed cars based on Nissans, has released a new five seat electric vehicle called the Like. Originally meant for four, Mitsuoka have stretched the length of the i-Miev by 175mm and have fitted another seat.

Apart from the 5 seats, the car features a more dragon-esque front end, while the front and rear bumper have new metal plating. Customers in Japan will have on option of five different colours for the body.

This has yet to be confirmed, but the Like will most likely also feature the i-MiEV’s powertrain capable of producing 63hp and an instantaneous 180Nm of torque. Whatever it is, an EV powertrain is definitely confirmed as the car will receive Japanese government subsidies meant only for EV cars.

Mitsuoka Japan are taking orders for the vehicle now and will start delivering the first Like in August 2010. The price for this pint-sized dragon will be 4,280,000 yen (RM 151,624), but the Japanese government will subsidize purchase of the EV by 1,140,000 yen (RM 40,386).

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