As previously reported, Ferrari recently recruited a new member into the Ferrari Driving Academy in the form of 11-year old Lance Stroll from Canada. The talented lad joined the Scuderia at the recent Canadian Grand Prix for a go-kart session, and guess what, he ruffled some F1 feathers on track!

Almost everyone from the team took part in this friendly race where the 12 fastest drivers went on to compete in a final event. The dozen included both F1 drivers Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso, but Stroll finished the day second! To achieve that, he must have left some test drivers AND one of Ferrari’s two F1 drivers behind in his dust!

Your guess is at good as ours as to who that might be, as Ferrari conveniently forgot to add that bit of juicy information to the press statement. Of course it isn’t exactly a level playing field due to factors like Stroll’s lower weight, but it still gives you an idea of what this prodigy is capable of. We did our share of racing with F1 drivers on karts before, but the best of Malaysian motoring journalists couldn’t come within two corners of the real deal! Read our account here.