The new MINI Countryman is known internally as the R60, but it is not the only vehicle that will be based on the Countryman’s new “maxi” MINI platform. Word is that MINI may be looking at a larger vehicle with an extended wheelbase, perhaps even featuring 6 or 7 seats thanks to the addition of an optional third row. Internally, this car is known with the codename Spacebox or the R65.

These artist’s impressions are based on the Countryman but made longer, with most of the length going into the wheelbase and some going into the rear overhang. We’ve also added a third row there if you can spot the headrests, but realistically because of the smallish size of the vehicle this third row may just end up having just about as much functionality as the tiny third row of the X5.

The Spacebox might also eventually end up having no third row, instead becoming a sort of large coupe-hatchback like the BMW 5-Series Gran Turismo.

Artist impressions by Theophilus Chin.