Proton Saga 25th Anniversary Edition features dual front SRS airbags and 4 power windows!

Like the 25th Anniversary Edition Exora, the Proton Saga 25th Anniversary Edition is also limited to 25 units and comes at a premium price of RM 54,500, considerably higher than the both the top of the line Saga SE’s RM44,548.00 price tag. As a reference, a Saga M-Line is priced at RM41,548.00.

But the premium of close to RM10,000 brings you something else other than your usual 25th Anniversary ‘look’ which is the nice brown Nappa leather, bodykit (looks the same as the SE’s), alloy wheels unique to the Saga 25th Anniversary Edition, grey instrument faces (Saga is black face and Saga SE is white face) and the ‘tiger’ stripes running the length of the shoulderline.

If you look at the photo of the interior you’ll see that the hole on the passenger side of the dashboard that was previously a storage area has been ‘filled up’ by a passenger SRS airbag. The car also has power windows on all four windows.

In this sense the specs seem quite similar to the Australian market Proton S16. I’m hoping that with a future facelift or specs update we’ll be able to get dual SRS airbags in regular Proton Saga models as well. I also hope that ABS brakes are in the works as this is even missing on the Australian S16!

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