What do you think of Michael Schumacher’s season so far? Compare the answer to your reaction when he came back from retirement to join the Silver Arrows. Do you still think that it was wise of him to come back to the sport where he has won it all? Well, Sir Jackie Stewart, who retired in 1973 as a triple world champion, clearly thinks that Schumi’s comeback was a mistake.

When asked by Cologne Express if the seven-time world champion can keep up with young hotshots like Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton, the Scot said: “He cannot even keep up with his teammate. He (Nico Rosberg) is usually faster and has not won a grand prix. I would have preferred to have seen Michael not come back. Why did he do it? He had achieved everything and could only lose.”

The cheeky publication then probed if Stewart thinks Schumacher can improve in 2011. “The first question should be ‘will he do another year?’ I believe he will stop after this season,” came the reply. On talks that the German is aiming to be next year’s champion, Stewart said: “What does his heart say? I will believe it only when I see him on the starting grid in March.”

At last weekend’s British GP, Schumacher finished ninth while Rosberg got on the podium. He also qualified eight tenths behind Nico. The younger German has 90 points so far, more than his 41-year-old compatriot’s 36 points.