Lotus have released a promotional teaser relating to the unveiling of a new model in the upcoming Paris Motor Show.

Stating a few events that happened in 1975, which include David Beckham’s birth, the release of Jaws and Margaret Thatcher as the first female Prime Minister of Britain, they go on to say that this is the same year that the Lotus Esprit was officially launched at the Paris Motor Show.

Hinting towards the fact that the same will happen this year, Lotus is obviously pointing towards the unveiling of its new model. The fact that it’s going to be life changing and immortalised in history has yet to be seen. But for them to make such a claim is enough to make any car fan curious and excited.

Lotus have previously announced that it will be unveiling 5 new models at this year’s show, which some are speculating to be two concept GT’s, an Esprit a roadster and a super car. Nevertheless for anyone to make a firm judgement we would have to just wait till the Paris Motor Show on the 30th of September.