The automotive market is now clamouring with automaker trying to pump out electric sportscar such as Audi with their R8 and Mercedes with their SLS AMG. Nissan could be next as sources close to the company revealed the possibility of Nissan producing an electric sportscar.

Nothing else has been confirmed, thus we could see the Japanese company using body structures from its current line-up such as the 370Z. This would be a relatively good choice as it is a lightweight car but unfortunately lacks in size which has to house the unconfirmed amount of batteries.

We have to remember that Nissan would most likely use the platform of the Leaf with an electric motor producing slightly more juice. Thus anything in that size would do this new sports car well. We could also see the use of its premium brand Infiniti and some have been suggesting the use of cars like the hybrid concept Essence seen in 2009.

This could be pure speculation but as the old saying goes, where there’s smoke, there’s Nissan’s CEO Carlos Goshn trying to make Nissan a leader in the automotive industry.