You’ve got your usual Disneyland and Universal Studios, and now you’ve got another must see theme park to visit, especially if you’re a petrol head. It’s Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi which according to the press release, is an “exciting attraction designed to tell the Ferrari story, passion, excellence, performance and technical innovation to families.”

How they’ll pass that information on while hurtling you at 240km/h into the sky, remains a mystery even to me. If curious as to what are the Ferrari (speed) themed rides on offer, as mentioned before you have the world’s fastest roller coaster, the G-Force which shoots you 62 metres in the air in a seat inspired by the Ferrari Enzo, the Fiorano GT Challenge which is a duelling roller-coaster of Ferrari F430’s, and the “V12” which as its name describes is a flume ride inside a 12 cylinder engine.

If you’re a little faint-hearted they’ve accommodated your needs as well with attractions such as Made in Maranello which is a virtual trip behind factory doors, Scuderia Challenge – a cutting edge race simulator used by the drivers of Scuderia Ferrari, and Viaggio in Italia which gives you a virtual aerial voyage over Italy.

Other attractions include a 4D fantasy journey, interactive 3D shows along with movies relating to the history of anything Ferrari. Kid’s will have a ball of a time as they’ve got something called Junior GT, which is a driving school where they get special instruction and drive reduced scale F430 GT spiders on a driving course.

After they’ve got the feel of the car, they can hop onto the Junior Grand Prix where they can enjoy the race track in a scaled down versions of a F1 car. Something for everyone, Ferrari World will have a range of concept restaurants and cafés offering authentic Italian dining experiences along with shopping venues.

You can forget about the holiday in Italy, all you need is a ticket to Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. The theme park will officially open its doors on the 28th of October this year. More pictures of the attractions are available after the jump.

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