Luxury automakers have it easy as they rarely have to go to their demographic to sell their wares unlike company lower down the food chain. This is more apparent in countries where owning a car is a luxury in itself, like Malaysia, or India for that matter.

Thanks to the current economic boom in India, many are aspiring to own their dream car and it’s pretty obvious it’s not going to be a Suzuki Maruti. It’s the aforementioned luxury brands such as BMW and Mercedes. Which would explain why these brands are doing so well in the country,

The figures don’t lie as the German company recently posted record sales which rose by 69 percent in the first six months of the year, with 2,500 vehicles being delivered to customers. This is quite surprising when you realise that Mercedes Benz sold just 3500 in 2009. June 2010 alone saw a rise of 83 percent.

“Sales substantially exceeded our expectations in the first half of 2010, supported in particular by the success of the new E-Class. We are currently the strongest premium brand in India and we want to build on our success in the second half of the year and expand our market position. As was the case in the first six months, we are also aiming to achieve record sales for the full year 2010.”

So well that, Mercedes has even made the SLS AMG available to prospective Crore-aires. The price? Between 2 to 2.5 Crore, depending on what you kit it with. 2.5 Crore is just 1.7 million Malaysian Ringgit, so basically the Indians are getting it cheaper than us. Malaysian multi-millionaires can get one for about RM 2 million.

Funny thing is some Indian news sites are claiming that they are the first in the world to get the SLS AMG but I clearly remember that it was launched in Malaysia first just before the 2010 Malaysian GP?