Nissan’s new advertising campaign is causing quite a stir, poking fun at German rivals Audi, BMW and Porsche. This was done by releasing print and poster adverts highlighting German brands flaws as compared to the 370Z and the GT-R.

Using such phrases as “The Winner Hans Down,” “The Germans Came Off Wurst,” “Kaisers Chiefed” and “Deutschland Deutschland Über-Rated,” the ad campaign was officially launched in London on a giant 360 degree 47ft IMAX billboard.

Talk about taking it to the extremes!

If you don’t think that’s enough, they’ve even scrawled statements like “More expensive, slower and less powerful than a Nissan 370Z” on an Audi TT-S. Similarly themed slogans can be seen on a Porsche Cayman as well.

Just in case you’re curious they’ve supplied the public with a spec chart comparing all the aforementioned cars, and on paper it does look like the 370Z and GT-R’s are better buys than the German equivalent. It’s also worth remembering that spec sheets can’t describe driving feel and pleasure, which can only be accomplished with a test drive.

Nevertheless Steve McLennan, Nissan UK Marketing Director, is quite pleased with his ad stating “It simply challenges the convention of German sportscars being the only benchmark for performance and quality. Nissan is confident in the ability of 370Z and GT-R to eclipse our comparable German rivals in terms of outright performance and accessibility and it’s now time to shout about it.”

Do you think Nissan has a point? An equivalent BMW Z4is M Sport costs RM598,800 as opposed to a Nissan 370Z which costs RM370,000, while the Porsche Cayman S easily reaches RM640,000.00! Have your say.

High-res pictures are also available after the jump.

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