Gone are the days where stretch limousines were known as the height of luxury and class (they were never that big outside of the US anyway), replaced by “off the shelf” top-tier models from Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Maybach. If none suits your fancy, you can always go tailor make your own. That is exactly Worcestershire based Design Q proposes with the 2010 Range Rover.

Given the designation Q-VR, Design Q’s Range Rover aims to incorporate the opulence and comfort of a private jet on four wheels (besides cars, the company actually works on jets and yacths). The Rangie been stretched out to fit a list of luxuries such as an interior drinks cooler, cigar humidor and a mini-spa centre – what the latter means is up to your imagination! Along with that, the two rear seats have been modified to recline business class style complete with leg rest.

To make a big statement and arrive in style, Design Q has crafted a private jet like door for the Q-VR that opens upward plus a fold out step. The company expects the vehicle to be used by Middle Eastern oil barons, so there’s no point to even try and guess the price. Bigger pictures after the jump.

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