The A1 is Audi’s new entry level model that was launched internationally recently catering for the urban young professional market. Prospective buyers of the A1 can already customize each car to their own specification with paint and colour schemes, but there will always be those who want even more customization. This is where the traditional tuners come in.

ABT are now gunning for a chance to improve the whole ‘yuppie’ theme with exterior revisions and most importantly an improvement in power delivery across the range of engines. The first thing that catches your eyes are the bright red KLECKS, ALOHA and HIGH-VOLTAGE colour schemes. This makes each car more unique than the next.

Under the hood the engine range has gone through some revisions. Thanks to a professional remap, the new 1.2 TFSI engine now puts out 115hp compared to the standard 86, while the 1.4 TFSI engine produces 150hp which stood at 125hp previously. Fans of oil burners are also given a treat as the 1.6 litre engine has been uprated to 125hp.

Complementing that increase in power is the use of ABT performance springs that also lower the car’s centre of gravity. Other additions include a front lip, side skirts, rear wing insets, rear skirt insets and a rear spoiler. All of which can be customised in brushed aluminium, grass-green or lavender depending on your choice of theme.

Giving it a sporty look and no doubt strong aural presence is the ABT double pipe sports rear muffler. This when coupled with the choice of 17 or 18 inch alloy wheels complete the package.

It’s quite smart of ABT to take a slightly different approach to the A1. Owners of cars like the A1, the MiTO, and the MINI Cooper may tick differently compared to owners of larger cars and thus you see these ‘themes’ with ABT’s styling.

If you like the ABT design, there are more pictures available after the jump to enjoy.

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