The turbocharged Ferrari Enzo wont be the only thing making a bang at the Bonneville Salt Flats this week. Suzuki America has officially pitted their Kizashi model against the best and most innovative this year. Driven by Road & Track’s Sam Mitani, they’ve successfully attained the title of fastest car in the Blown Gas Coupe Category.

Managing an average top speed of 203.72 mph (327.9 km/h), the figure was made out of two high speed runs. Looking at the numbers produced so far, it is quite obvious that the Kizashi model in question didn’t just roll off the assembly line.

Suzuki kitted up the 2.4-litre four cylinder engine with a Turbonetics Turbocharger and a new ACT clutch. This gave the car a total power output of 500hp and 569Nm of torque. A standard engine wouldn’t be able to take all that power so a new intake manifold, forged rods and pistons had to be used.

The insides were turned into a proper race car as it featured a roll cage, an aluminum bulkhead in the rear, racing seats, seat harnesses and window nets. An air dam, new coil-overs, steel wheels with welded seams, specialised Goodyear Front Runner tires, and a parachute completed the Kizashi’s Bonneville kit.