Goodyear Malaysia has a new SUV/4X4 tyre in its range – the Wrangler AT/SA. If you’re wondering, AT stands for All Terrain and SA is short for SilentArmor technology.

Sounds tough, and it is. The Wrangler AT/SA is reinforced with two layers of Kevlar, a material that’s five times stronger than steel, and Goodyear’s Durawall sidewall which promotes cut resistance.

Durawall’s two-ply sidewall construction and its compound are new improvements that Goodyear claims make this Wrangler more robust off the beaten path.

Off-road traction on the other hand, is ensured by three tread elements – the tyre’s open intermediate rib design that helps on soft surfaces, multiple biting edges for more grip and deep shoulder notches that help “claw” the vehicle out in tough conditions.

The Wrangler AT/SA also comes with an enhanced silica tread compound that provides up to 20% more mileage than its predecessor, according to its maker. The tyre has been designed with a specific bead area configuration that helps it sit firmly on the rim, reducing slippage for minimal balancing throughout the tyre’s lifespan.

Besides Kevlar’s higher resistance to punctures and cuts, Goodyear also counts reduced noise, the abovementioned longer lifespan and better off-road performance, plus better grip on wet tarmac as the Wrangler AT/SA’s selling points.