If you’ve ever dreamt of hearing the growl of a 5.0 L Ford “Boss 302” SVO V8 in South East Asia, it might be closer than you think. Bernie Ecclestone is trying to get the Australian V8 Supercar Series to conduct a support race at the 2011 Singapore Grand Prix.

This comes after news that Martin Whitaker, who is CEO of the Aussie series, told an Australian publication “He (Ecclestone) would love to have us there in an earlier timeslot. It’s better for the spectators, better for the city and puts an extra four hours on to the show as far as Singapore is concerned”.

However, there is the problem of clashing television rights of V8 (who are under Channel 7) and F1 (Network Ten) in Australia. Whitaker went on to say that the TV issue is something that they have to work on, before the Singapore deal is confirmed. Ongoing negotiations also means that the release of the 2011 calendar for the Aussie series will be delayed.

The race series itself is a competition between cars based on the Ford Falcon or Holden Commodore. Based on three categories, class A consists of V8 cars employing either the 5.0 L Ford “Boss 302” SVO or the 5.0 L Chevrolet small block race-engine producing over 600 horses in cars that weigh a minimum of 1355kgs.

Most of the races take place in different states in Australia, with added legs in New Zealand, Abu Dhabi and Bahrain. Thus it would be an added variety of motorsport in the region, if this race series takes off in the region.