More speculations to the rumour about The Stig’s identity! UK tabloid The Mail on Sunday recently reported that the Stig is none other than 35 year old racing driver and stuntman Ben Collins.

According to the publication, the clues to his identity emerged when his company accounts, Collins Autosport, recorded a cornerstone year in 2003. This was a month after the white Stig made his first TV appearance. It went on to say that it was due to “driving services provided for the BBC, mainly in the Top Gear programme”, and it offered “good long-term prospects for continuing income.” Other clues include a builder allegedly seeing the white outfit in the Collin’s house.

A BBC spokesman logically went on to debunk the papers leads stating “It’s no surprise that Ben Collins’s company accounts show that he was driving for Top Gear as he has appeared on the programme as himself, for exam-example in the Mitsubishi Evo challenge. Ben supplies his services as a driver himself and his company also supplies other drivers. There is nothing to be read into these company documents.”

This comes after the Daily Mail reported that Stig was in a legal battle with the BBC over plans to reveal his identity in his autobiography, which until now has only been known by a handful of BBC execs and the hosts Clarkson, Hammond and May. In June, F1 ace Michael Schumacher revealed himself as the Stig in one of the episodes, which was a hoax for entertainment purposes.

When asked for a comment on the matter over the weekend, the only answer the newspaper got was “I can’t speak to you. I’m going into a tunnel.” He previously refused to answer questions on the subject. The only way we will ever know is when a new Stig appears after the demise of the White Stig, like they did with the Black Stig.