What a race the Belgian GP was! Unpredictable weather, safety car, accidents – you name it, Spa had it. One of the more memorable moments of the race was when Sebastian Vettel took Jenson Button out when battling for second place.

The young German was quicker than Button on lap 16 and tried to make a move into the final chicane. He closed up to the McLaren and pulled out dramatically, only to lose control and spear Jenson from the side. The defending champion retired as Vettel pulled into the pits to replace his front wing. He was later given a drive through penalty.

McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh was understandably mad. “It was not what you would expect to see in F1 – more reminiscent of junior formulae. A drive-through seemed a pretty light punishment to me. I would rather he did it with his team-mates rather than do it with us,” he said after the race.

The man at fault raised his hands. “First of all, I’m sorry. Obviously it was not my intention to destroy his race or mine,” Vettel told the media. “I was close, I was faster than him. The moment Robert got close behind I knew that he could pass us on the straight because we are not the fastest on the straight. I was very close a couple of times, unfortunately never really close enough.

“I tried to out-brake him on the outside. When I changed from the inside to the outside, I lost the car under braking on the bump and then I then I couldn’t really control it anymore and unfortunately crashed into him,” the Red Bull man explained.