It has been reported by British tabloids that Ben Collins (allegedly The Stig), has been sacked from the hit motoring show Top Gear. Pictures from the Daily Mirror, showed Collins playing with his kids at his home in England, while the “tame racing driver” was at a Top Gear Live event at the Nurburgring, Germany.

The supposed replacement Stig was brought in a week after Ben Collins’ was unmasked as the Stig. This comes after a row between Collins and the BBC on his right to publish his autobiography. BBC bosses state that the book is in breach of a confidentiality agreement.

Naturally his publishers HarperCollins disagree, stating that the BBC are wasting British TV audiences’ license fee money on costly legal action.

Rumours surfaced as Collins being The Stig, after reports from his company accounts pointed to the direction of Ben Collins as it described “a cornerstone year in 2003”, a month after the white Stig made his first TV appearance.

Ben Collins is remaining tight-lipped about the whole fiasco only saying “I am not allowed to talk about it.” Thus just another log entry into the rumourmill of the most famous-faceless race driver in the world.