Audi’s has changed its sales strategy by announcing that they will be making the Audi A1 available in markets outside Europe. This was down to an increasing global interest in the entry level Audi, according to Peter Schwarzenbauer Audi’s sales chief.

A website that Audi set up attracted more than 150,000 interested customers, a big change as sales was originally planned for just the European market. “Many of the Asian markets are now showing a trend toward smaller vehicles, For that reason, it’s right to sell the A1 also in those regions.”

Unfortunately for Chinese and American customers, they’ll have to wait. The A1 is said to go on sale in China sometime after 2011, while the US will only receive the car “at the earliest” with the second generation.

In preparation for global sales, Audi will be bumping up production by 20 percent for the A1. Audi also plans to dethrone BMW as the world’s largest luxury car maker by 2015, with a target sales figure of 1.08 million cars and SUVs this year.