Following Pirelli’s departure from the World Rally Championship after being the control tyre supplier for the past three years, FIA made a decision to open the 2011 championship to more than one tyre manufacturer, and the two companies that submitted their names for the supplier role have been appointed.

One is Michelin, which will be making a return to the WRC for the first time since 2005. Michelin is a hugely successful brand in top tier rallying and has claimed 38 world championships titles. The other tyremaker is DMACK, but who on earth is DMACK?

DMACK tyres are manufactured by Shandong Yongtai Chemical Group in Dongying, China where more than 22,000 tyres are produced every day for global distribution. The Chinese brand aims to supply privateer teams and support category competitors by offering strong, durable tyres at affordable prices. Drivers on a limited budget also have the option of on-event expertise and technical support, according to the company.

“We studied the FIA’s new regulations for 2011 and decided to make a proposal. Technically, the new regulations are very achievable for a new manufacturer and we based our proposal on bringing a strong and durable product to the championship – we also wanted to help encourage more entries into the events by offering a two-tier pricing structure,” said Dick Cormack, DMACK Motorsport Director.

Ongoing evaluation of DMACK’s WRC range is being conducted in China and the brand’s gravel tyres will be available for competitors and teams to test from the end of October.