Lamborghini has released a third teaser photo that depicts a mystery model ahead of Paris, this time showing us what looks to be the inside dash of the car. This along with the rest of the car makes use of carbon fibre to keep weight down. It is now unclear what Lamborghini’s model line-up would entail as this almost looks like a barebone super light concept car, a far cry from the top-of-the-range Murcielago replacement.

0-60mag has reported that the Audi-owned company may bring two new models to the motor show. They are made up by the Lamborghini LB715-5 and the 83X. According to the website, the former is the Murcielago replacement featuring a V12. The latter could be a Gallardo replacement.

The mystery model teased here is likely a different model or concept all together. Whatever it is you can expect a final reveal in Paris at the end of the month. Previous teasers are available after the jump.


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