Aston Martin has dropped the One-77‘s official horsepower figure, which is set at the 750 mark. The limited-edition supercar’s 7.3 litre sumptuous V12 also cranks out 750Nm of torque, making it one of the most powerful naturally aspirated cars in the world.

The company did not reveal performance numbers but it was previously reported that the One-77 hit the 354.86km/h mark during a test at an undisclosed facility in Europe. As mentioned before, the One-77 is based on a limited production run of 77 units. The car is still undergoing rigorous testing before it is let out into the wild, to the hands of millionaires who’ve got unbelievable amounts of money.

Aston Martin did confirm that deliveries of the One-77 will start in early 2011. The company also released a new video showcasing the supercar. In the video we see the usual list of action shots, and if you’re a fan of the supercar or just anything Aston, get your salivary glands ready.